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    Is there a way to control the size of the popular tags in my tag cloud? I can see they are 22 pt, while the regular ones are 8pt but I don’t see how I can make a simple adjustment to this versus trying to do it one by one (which I haven’t even tried yet)

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  • One more question. I made this adjustment to the category-template.php which fall sunder the includes directory. When I go to upload I get an error/notice that says this:

    Synchronization information can no be found on category-template.php. Putting the file may overwrite changes to the file. Do you wish to overwrite anyway?

    All I did was change ’22’ to ’18’ 😉 Is this safe or will I mes something else up that I am unaware of.

    Why are you trying to hack core files? I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really, really, know what you’re doing and fully understand the potential ramifications.

    Ouch! I’ve never been called a hack before! I am just trying to design everything to a tee 😉 But if you do not recommend it I won’t do it because I do not know what I am doing, nor do I understand the ramifications.

    THANKS for the warning.

    Hacking is an honorable profession (as opposed to the mis-named “cracking”). But at the very least, any changes you make to the core files will be over-written next time you upgrade. At worst, you can stop your entire site in its tracks.

    Far better to modify any core output via your theme or a plugin.

    Okey Dokey. Thanks again.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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