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  1. kylekosup
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, I am using 3.4.2
    My tags display correctly in the Tag Cloud widget. When you click a link in the tag cloud you are sent to a blank page with an URL in the browser that looks correct (i.e. http://creativeinquiry.org/blog/?tag=arising). No error messages are generated.
    Categories are working just fine. Word searches are working. Only pages not getting populated are Tag related.
    - I do have permalinks set to default.
    - I have the same problem whether I'm using the native WP tag cloud widget or I'm using a tag cloud plugin

    I have already tried:
    • de-activating all plugins
    • switching my theme from Thesis to Twenty-ten and to Blix
    ...very grateful for any help that can be offered!

  2. kylekosup
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, It's been two weeks. Is anyone out there? Can I get some help? Maybe after New Year's Day?
    Update: I have updated to WP 3.5, same symptoms: sidebar displays correctly with tag cloud widgets. When user clicks on a tag in the cloud, they are taken to a page with the tag name as a title, but there is no content on the page.
    Additional details: blog is hosted by Yahoo using PHP v5.3.6
    and MySql v.5.1.55
    Please note in my initial posting above- what I have already tried.


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