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    Basically I want the tags on my site to be separated, without commas and to have colored backgrounds. I almost achieved this, but I have a very annoying little problem left. When entering multiple tags, instead of getting 2 or more separate tag “buttons”, I get a merged, unified one. I understand that I’m styling the whole tag row with my “ta” css commands and I simply can’t figure out how to apply these rules to separate tags. I have the same problem with categories even though I won’t start using multiple categories. Yes, I know the code is quite messy. All help would be greatly appreciated 🙂



    a picture to explain what’s wrong:

    PS. There is also something wrong with the lines in index, which I use to categorize entries as “Today” and “Yesterday”. The today bit seems to be working correctly, but instead of yesterday, it just displays yesterday’s date. It was working earlier, so I don’t really know what could’ve happened there. If someone could look into this really quick I would be extremely thankful.

    Best regards,

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  • Can you show us a link to that page(if that is a live site)?

    I’m having server problems at the moment and I have no idea when I’ll have it back up again :(. Could even take a day or more.

    Maybe I’ll try to explaining it in further detail. This is the only code I use to get my tags (there’s literally nothing else in my theme that even mentions them). I use <?php the_tags( ”,” ); ?> to produce them without commas and then I try to stylize them through the post class and ta sub-class. And then it colors the whole tag row, from the first tag to the last, no spaces. Increasing padding or margins doesn’t help, it just drags out the row. 1 is what I’m trying to achieve, 2 is what I’m getting. I’m pretty sure there’s an obvious error with my class applying, I just can’t pinpoint it. I think I’d have to apply “ta” to the contents of the_tags, but I could be very wrong with this.

    If this doesn’t help I’ll just wait until my host gets the problems sorted and post the live site. I’m hoping it’s possible to solve it without though 🙂

    Honestly I feel like I’ve created something very unique with this theme. Would it be possible to solve my problems without a live website? The actual problem doesn’t seem that complex to me. Or does it seem like a bug?

    If it has to come to it, I’ll upload the link though (my site is still not up yet).

    Solved it myself.

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