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  • The theme I am working with has a series of tabs across the top that link to WordPress “Pages.” Ideally I’d like these “Pages” to start with short article and then have excerpts from the last few posts in whatever category is appropriate.

    A second-choice (I think) alternative would be to have each navigation tab linked to a category, and top the index of each category with a short article.

    I am not programmer. Which alternative above is going to be simpler and better? Where, more specifically than “read the codex,” would I look to find information that will help me?


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  • First of all – the first choice is not an option. Pages cannot display multiple articles.

    Yes, go with categories, and if you need different design for them, use Category Templates.
    For this, you will need to change the code in the top navigation.

    Nobody can be more specific… since you were not specific; i.e. no theme name, no link – don’t expect miracles, we are not mindreadres!

    Thank you, Moshu! I’m going on the theory that as I keep going I’ll absorb more of how to approach a task, and my questions will be clearer. In the meantime, I will be a stumbling pest. 😉

    Just to be clear, can part of a Page be a feed of some category of posts?

    I’d be happy with topping a category index with an article that stays put, then filling out the rest of the category index with excerpts of the most recent posts.

    I started with Misty Look. To accomplish a goal I’d change themes if need be. I’ve added a third column, made some changes to the masthead and a few other things. Those changes seem like they’d be portable to many themes, when I figure out what makes the content go into the divs.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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