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  • i’m trying (and failing!) to format a new site, and honestly, i have no idea what i’m doing. i’ve got a few issues that i could really use some help with. my site can be found at

    1. how do i get rid of the page names at the top right corner? i think they’re breadcrumbs … but i don’t like them, and i’ve tried a few different times to delete them, but haven’t had any luck yet.
    2. is it possible to keep my content from scrolling over the header and left column (menu thingy)? i’d like it to scroll up and down, but not left and right, and i never want it to overtake anything else.
    3. how do i set the page width? i know this is pretty straightforward, but again, can’t seem to pull it off. is it possible to make the content area narrower than the header?
    4. why, oh why!, does the left column only list bio/work/contact when i’m on my homepage, then include home when i’m on any other page? i don’t want home to show up in that menu.

    any and all help is much appreciated. thanks in advance!


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  • I can defiantly help (apologize for the delay in responding, I’m seeing this post for the first time now).

    1. Those are breadcrumbs, in order to remove them, in the header.php file, you would need to remove lines 63 – 98, which look like this.

      [code over the forum limit of 10 lines moderated – please see forum guidelines]

    2. I’m wondering if this is a screen size issue. The content, should never ever scroll over the left column. As for the header, there’s a bit of a CSS issue with that, a fix is coming, however, the content may possibly scroll over it from time to some.
    3. Page width is set within style.css, which is determined by #right-col on line 372
    4. There’s a reason, why, oh why! the left column only lists your pages (bio/work/contact/etc) on the left and then home when you’re not on that page. These are the following reasons:
      • The menu was created so that if you didn’t use the integrated custom menu function of the theme, it would dynamically list the pages that appear on the website for you. This is why, in your case, bio/work/contact displays without having to produce any code or other alterations
      • The menu was also created so that, if, you’re on the home page, there’s no need to display that item, because you’re on the home page. It’s a logic that I implemented into this theme, because I felt it was redundant to say “home” when you’re home. When you move away from the home page, the home page menu item appears at the top of the page, again like magic. Do <b>note</b> this only happens when you haven’t used the integrated custom menu function of the theme
      • The theme was created with a integrated custom menu function which you can find in the Appearances section of the WordPress dashboard. Here, you’re able to set your own menu and format however you deem fit. This will override the default way the menu interacts with the theme, and is one of two ways that you can format the theme to your liking.
      • Lastly, if you don’t ever, want to see home, on your homepage, you can easily head over to the functions.php file and remove lines 81 – 83, which look like the following:
        <?php if (!is_home() || !is_front_page()) : ?>
        			<li class="page_item"><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>">Home</a></li>
        			<?php endif; ?>
      • Lastly, the reason this happens, is because I sprinkled some magic into the theme, so magically you can head home anytime you want 🙂

    I hope this helps and hopefully solves some of your issues!

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    Leo, is there a fix for content scrolling over the header yet? If not, is there a workaround you would suggest?

    Hi Ashley, there is a pending fix coming (along with updates for 3.4) – the one fix I’m employing changes the header almost entirely.

    The best solution I’ve found has been to make the header not static in the css code. (It’s part of a solution I’m employing for the theme).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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