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  • Put you page or post in “Text” view to reveal the html code. You should see something like:

    [su_tabs active=”3″]
    [su_tab title=”Title 1″]Content 1[/su_tab]
    [su_tab title=”Title 2″]Content 2[/su_tab]
    [su_tab title=”Title 3″]Content 3[/su_tab]

    Tabs (with an “s”) is like a container for the all the tabs you want. Tab (without an “s”) goes between [su_tabs] and [/su_tabs]. I’ve displayed an example above. (Note this is with Settings => Compatibility Mode box checked which turns on the “su_” prefix).

    In the [su_tabs] shortcode there is a parameter that says ‘active=”3″‘. This controls which tab is presented when first opening the page. If you don’t put any parameter, it should default to the first tab. In the example I’ve shown, it should open in tab 3.


    Thankyou dccharron!
    I just put “1” and it start with the first tab 🙂
    putting nothing will break it though!

    Thanks a mill! 🙂

    Happy you were able to fix your problem.

    I’m using an older version of the plugin (by choice) and don’t experience the problem you have when just using [su_tabs] without any “active” parameter. Perhaps this is a new problem with 4.4.4?

    For those who have updated to 4.4.4 it is good to know that adding active=”1″ to [su_tabs] is a workaround.

    i wonder if it is possible to add collapsible in tabs parameter cos i have been trying but it is not working

    @stunnermunya I’m no longer using this plugin. Perhaps the author can help.

    recommend me an other shorcodes plugin which is usefull for u

    @stunnermunya I don’t know what to recommend to you because I don’t know how you are using Shortcode Ultimate. SU is a very broad plugin with many useful tools. I stopped using it because of the way one particular upgrade was handled by the author. It left me (and a lot of others) with hidden data which could not be recovered without a lot of effort. So I opted to downgrade and keep using the old version. But that’s not viable to do for the long haul. So I looked for other plugins that performed the specific functions I needed. For example, if you want “tabs”, search the plugins that handle “tabs”. If you want “accordion” or “read more” then search for plugins with those keywords.

    You should also consider your design. For example, in my view, “tabs” are not very effective in a commercial web site. My observation is that people just don’t “notice” the tabs so miss out on the data under the non-default tab. I found it better to use “longer” pages than to use tabs. People are willing to scroll down to see more data.

    Sorry I can’t be more specific with my recommendations.

    okei thx by d way
    with the blog i m developping it needs tabs which can be collapsible so thats why i was looking for a powerfull shortcode plugin me i m not using .SU

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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