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  • Either I’m doing something wrong or the tab shortcode is not honoring height.

    ie whatever the height is set to makes no difference front end: [tabs style=”framed” nav=”tabs_above” height=”300″ tab_1…….

    Note I have just got around to upgrading Theme Blvd framework to v3.0.2 from v2 and this is the only issue minor issue.

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  • Plugin Author Jason



    On this, there is an error in the examples/documentation. In our old [tabs] shortcode (before Twitter Bootstrap), we had it setup like this where you could input a specific height, but then when we incorporated Twitter Bootstrap, we changed it.

    The height parameter is now meant to take a true or false. When set to true, it tells Bootstrap to match all the tabs to the height of the tallest tab. That was the original purpose of allowing you to apply a specific height — i.e. so tabs don’t jump around in height when you switch them.

    If you input a specific number like height="300" this will just be the same as writing height="true". — because there’s a fallback in the code for those doing it the old way of having a specific height.

    I don’t check over here on all that often. If you’d like to discuss this further or you have any other issues with your theme or our plugins, feel free to post in our support forum.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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