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  • Hi there. This plugin is fantastic. Thank you for all of your work on this.

    I’ve utilised the plugin on two of our sites. The first site works like a charm and it really made displaying all that information easy.

    The second site is being a butt. I have no idea why it’s not working properly, but I’m hoping you can see something I can’t. When I F12 the page, I don’t see anything Squelch being loaded in the head. No script, no CSS. This makes me think there’s an issue with my install.

    Trying To Troubleshoot
    For the most part, both sites have the same army of plugins. The biggest differences between the two sites are:

    On the working site, the WordPress URL and the Site URL are the same. (Both are The non-working site has a WordPress URL of and a Site URL of

    The working site is using full-width page layouts whereas the non-working site employs sidebars.

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  • Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    This might be a slightly patronising question, but can you confirm that the plugin is definitely installed and activated?

    Not patronizing in the least. The first question I always ask is “Is it plugged in?” This morning, I actually did a fresh install just to see.

    View post on

    I just realised that jQuery UI plugin is also not showing up in the head. I’ve clearly overlooked something.

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    So, just re-reading that and poking at your website… You’re saying that you have two installs:

    Live is running with the following URLs:

    Labs is running with the following URLs:

    Would I be right in thinking that they’re both installed under the same root directory? I can see both and are both on the same IP, is…

    Live installed in the <document root>/bioradio directory?
    Labs installed in the <document root>/ directory?

    Or are they actually installed under their own unique root directories?

    They’re two different installs:

    Live is in
    Labs is a subdomain at

    Digging around on my web server, I noticed I’ve got a WP install at the root level ( but I don’t recall how it got there. When I try to access it via, I get re-routed to

    I’d kill it, but I don’t like doing those sorts of things during business hours 😀

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    I don’t understand how you’re getting from


    …but I suspect that the issue will be to do with this mechanism. If you have two installs of WordPress fighting over the same wp-content directory then you do get some odd things happening, such as plugins not loading.

    Well, technically the URL is, but since the Site URL, as defined from within the WordPress UI, is, the visitor sees only

    And I suspect you’re right about the competing installs. I’ll take another stab at this over the weekend and see what I accomplish. Thanks for taking the time to help illuminate a clearly non-plugin-related issue.

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    I think that your subdomain cannot be configured correctly, because

    both appear to return the same page. When someone goes to

    your server should serve up (for example) the site in


    And when someone goes to

    it should serve up the site in


    This second directory should not (presumably) exist, and so the site at


    Should serve up an appropriate 404.

    I’m quite sure the trouble is in how the pages are served. My only uncertainty is why this is happening now, with these two plugins (jQuery UI seeming to have the same issue). This site has been live for a year now.

    Still, looks like I’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend.

    Thanks for your contribution, Matt.


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