Tabs not appearing in sub pages and posts (2 posts)

  1. jrothra
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Compare these two:
    Main page: http://www.jrothraministries.com
    Post: http://www.jrothraministries.com/2010/08/24/it%E2%80%99s-the-window%E2%80%99s-fault/

    On the left I use tabs (using the code for Tabber tabs, but not the plugin. Here's the CSS for the tabbertabs (the code for the pages can be seen in view source): http://www.jrothraministries.com/blog/wp-content/themes/ministry-theme-by-John/ministry-theme/tabs.css

    I've physically checked all the divs on that post (printed out the entire source code and manually marked them off) and found none left open. I have NO idea what would cause this problem except maybe it's on the tab's javascript (not familiar with that, but it's here): http://www.jrothraministries.com/blog/wp-content/themes/ministry-theme-by-John/ministry-theme/javascript/tabber.js

  2. jrothra
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I've poured through the HTML and found nothing missing The only other option I can think of is the Java or something in CSS, but I have no idea what it would be.

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