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[Resolved] Tabs – Link in URL

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to pass the tabs “#” link into the browsers address bar when the tab is clicked?

    For example, if you have a tab called “Info”, you would see in the address bar when clicked “www.example.com/#tab-info”

    I think it would help users who want to share a link to the tab by being able to just copy and paste the url from the browsers address bar, rather than right-click on the tab itself and select ‘copy address’ or whatever.

    I hope I’ve explained myself clearly enough!

    By the way, this is a fantastic plugin! 🙂


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  • Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for using my plugin and for the kind words. Yes, it is possible to pass the tab item into the browser bar. The easiest way to enable that is to copy the javascript file from the plugin’s \includes\ directory to the root of your theme and re-name it to arconix-shortcodes.js (read here for more details: http://arconixpc.com/2012/rolling-your-own-css-and-javascript)

    Then, edit the file and find the following section:

    jQuery("ul.arconix-tabs").tabs("div.arconix-panes > div");

    Change that to the following:

    jQuery("ul.arconix-tabs").tabs("div.arconix-panes > div", { history: true });

    I haven’t had a chance to test this, this should enable tab history.

    Hi John,

    I tried your solution but unfortunately it doesn’t put the tab link into the browsers address bar.

    Any other suggestions?


    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi Darren,

    There’s one other change you have to make. After a bunch of searching I found the jQuery tools script that I load with the plugin does not have history support included, which is why history: true didn’t get it working. Add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file and this should resolve it. I have it working at http://test.arconixpc.com/tabs

    // Forces a different version of jQuery Tools to load for Arconix Shortcodes Plugin
    add_filter( 'arconix_jquerytools_reg', 'custom_script_reg' );
    function custom_script_reg( $script_args) {
        $script_args[$url] = "http://cdn.jquerytools.org/1.2.7/all/jquery.tools.min.js";
        return $script_args;

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I’m still unable to get this working, despite following your instructions to the letter. I’ve also tried a different theme (Twenty Twelve) and also disabling my other plugins, but that hasn’t helped. I’ve looked at your test website and mine is pretty much identical, so I’m stumped. Can you suggest anything else to try? Unfortunately I can’t share a link because I’m developing this locally.

    Cheers, Darren.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    If you’re loading the version of jQuery noted above and have history: true in the javascript, there’s no reason I can think of as to why history isn’t working, especially if you’ve switched to TwentyTwelve and turned off the other plugins.

    I wish I had some other ideas, but unfortunately I’m all out.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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