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  • Hi. I’m using Kerli. Can I make a tab drop down with sub tabs beneath it to another Page. However, if I want to make sub tabs from part of a Page… can I do that? For instance, a Tab could be called Symptoms (a Page called Symptoms)… but the Page called Symptoms will have different symptoms (each with its own Heading) within that one Page. Is there a way of creating drop down sub tabs beneath the main Tab that is a list which is the same as each Heading in the Symptoms Page which is linked to each Symptom. For example:

    Main Tab at top of page:

    SYMPTOMS Page includes headings and paragraphs/descriptions beneath each heading, e.g. Depression (blah blah); Social Anxiety (blah blah); Low Self Esteem (blah blah)

    Now for the Tab at the top of the page:

    SYMPTOMS (person hovers over this Tab to see a list of:
    Social Anxiety
    Low Self Esteem

    Can I create that and ensure they’re linked to the relevant Heading within the SYPMTOMS Page?


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