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    The updated version 0.8.8 has an option titled “Compatibility mode” under Options page -> Advanced -> Compatibility mode/CDN jQuery. Try that, most likely your problems will resolve.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I upgraded to 0.8.8 and have the box for Compatibility Mode checked, however I’m still having issues. Any ideas? Thanks again.

    Couldn’t check your site – got blank page/server error
    Do you have a cache plugin with minify enabled e.g. W3TC?
    This is a common problem when wpui JavaScripts and CSS are combined

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    Yep @mikeotgaar is correct, cache plugins are a possibility. When using one, It’s best to have the following settings

    1) Uncheck Advanced -> Compatibilty mode/CDN jQuery
    2) Uncheck Advanced -> Demand Load scripts
    3) If you don’t mind a quick FTP work, rename the to wp-ui.js ( delete/rename the old script ), and let the cache plugin do the compression.
    4) All this should always end with Clearing the wp_cache. Consult your cache plugin’s doc to learn how to do this.

    You site is giving a Timed out right now. If it’s ok at your end, Please take a screenshot of Chrome dev console and let me know.

    I have the same problem with my site using WordPress 3.6.

    In the backend tabbed functionality is disabled and the content for each tab displays right one the front page. In frontend the wpspoiler shortcut (using WPui-light theme) does not work, only the title is shown, the spoiler content cannot be expanded.

    Why it is necessary to use a “compatibility mode” when the site is already using WordPress 3.6? I am using 0.8.7 again which works fine.

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    May i have a link to the page please? It’s probably due to jQuery version change.

    BTW, Compatibility mode is not related to WordPress, It’s an attempt to isolate the plugin and in it’s own namespace jQuery, to resolve the conflicts.

    Sure, sent you an email using your contact form.

    Sure, sent you an email using your contact form.

    The problem occurs when WordPress is installed in a sub folder.

    To fix this replace all “site_url()” with “home_url()” in wp-ui.php, widgets.php and wpUI-options.php.

    I am currently not sure if all
    ‘wpUrl’ => site_url()
    must be changed, too.

    Using the latest version of WP and all plugins are up to date.

    My tabs have stopped working and now show full content. Please see

    Additionally, I get a blank white page when clicking on the WP UI link in my WP dashboard. So, I cannot access the options page for WP UI.

    Thanks for any help someone can offer.
    Have you seen my posting? This should fix your problem, too.

    Nevertheless I am pretty sure that Kavin will provide an update asap.

    Worked Perfectly!!! Thanks for the tip.

    Plugin Author kavingray


    Latest commit to GItHub solves this problem along with a few other ones.

    Direct download –

    Repo –

    Thanks for the patience.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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