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  • first, thanks for the great work on the new style. it has some very nice features. especially the new icons look great and the multi device support is getting better and better.

    but i’m not that much convinced about the top menubar buttons when you view the admin in tablet portrait and smaller. too many buttons change the position which has some impact on the consistency.

    the “menu” button takes over the position of the “wordpress” button. but having a “menu”, “wordpress” and “visit site” button is a little bit too much. espacially because the wordpress button has a stronger visual identity than the menu button. you could use the wordpress button to open the menu and the wordpress menu would then be the first entry in the main menu. this woulmean that the main menu should not only bush the content but also the navbar to the right. or you move the “wordpress” button to another place?

    in addition the world icon for the “visit site” button is replaced by a house icon. i would keep the world icon, it’s nice. the house icon makes me more feel that i would go to the dashboard.

    maybe that could be also be a new button arrangement:
    left: (menu)
    center: (comment) (add)
    right: (visit site) (wordpress) (account)

    or that one:
    left: (menu)
    center: (wordpress) (visit site) (comment) (add)
    right: (account)

    thanks and go on with the great work!

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