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    Whenever I attempt to use tables, the highlighting is a real problem. If I try to highlight a word or words for links, the entire table (or row depending on how I move the mouse) ends up highlighted. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this.

    The problem also includes an inability for link icons to be activated, table cells, rows, columns etc. cannot be used (even if highlighted, the links remain unusable unless I hit the advanced picture icon, but then they cannot be saved … it simply reverts the popup to default empty.

    I have absolutely no idea why this happening – it is only since the upgrade to 3.6

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Having exactly the same issue using IE 10 after upgrading to WP 3.6. Sometimes it even seems that the caret (blinking text cursor) is operating behind the table. In Chrome, it is even worse. I cannot select an entire table or image within a table. This is pretty brutal.

    ACK!! Thank you for saying something, trgrady. I thought I was going crazy. The same is happening for me.
    I’m using WP 3.6, and have run into the same issue in both Chrome and Firefox, on my Mac.

    Whenever I single-click anywhere in a table, and then move the mouse, the entire cell gets highlighted.
    Interestingly, the highlight colour, when this happens, is a darker shade of blue than when I normally/purposefully highlight things.

    I’d love to see this issue resolved.
    Dear plugin authors, do let me know if you could use more information from me, to help figure this all out.
    I love your plugin quite a bit, but I need it to start behaving, pronto. Thanks! 🙂

    It would sure be nice to hear back from the plugin coders. This is a major issue for me. I operate a business within the website and I NEED to HIGHLIGHT and LINK items within the tables. This is currently impossible. Please at least let us know you are working on it.

    trgrady, I couldn’t agree more.

    For now, I’ve gotten around the same issue by gingerly clicking once, then quickly moving the mouse out of the editor, and into some dead white space on the page.
    Then, if I’m lucky, and none of the table cells have been highlighted due to the bug, I can highlight the desired area using old-school DOS methods (holding down Shift and using the arrows on the keyboard).
    Even then, this only works half the time. Usually when I move the mouse at all, after clicking, things get auto-highlighted.

    So, yah… is this solution ideal? No.
    But hopefully it helps you to keep the site up-to-date while the authors figure this out. 🙂

    Hi mahlerthetitan … unfortunately I had too much work I had to complete to wait. I ended up installing the Ultimate Tinymce. It also has a few issues, but it does allow me to highlight, select and do the other things I need right now. Best of luck to you.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Age you using NextGEN version 2+? There is a known bug in it that causes these problems in TinyMCE.

    Hello, I’m definitely using NextGEN 2+. So, that could be it.
    I would test this theory by disabling NextGEN, but… the problem is no longer happening for me.

    Like bringing the car to the mechanic. :S

    Still…I’m happy it’s working again, and – if the problem does reappear – I will know that it’s probably due to NextGen, and the kinks they need to work out in the relatively new version 2 of their plugin.

    Thanks, Andrew. Great plugin!

    I’m having this highlighting/selecting content inside tables issue too. I try to select text inside the cell and when I move the cursor around it selects everything my cursor rolls over. Tried to update NextGen Gallery to Version 2.0.25 but didn’t resolve the issue/conflict. Only deactivating TinyMCE Advanced Plugin (Version 3.5.8) stops this issue from happening.

    Here’s a video clip of what is happening:

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