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  • rhino1


    How do I go about creating a table on my normal “pages”, i.e. the pages that just have information on them that is not going to get commented on by visitors?

    I’m using to doing this with <table></table> HTML tags but I see that WordPress ignores these. I’ve looked at various documents in the documentation area of the website but can’t see this discussed anywhere.

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  • vtxyzzy


    Not sure why you say WP ignores table tags? I have many posts with tables in them. Where are the tags being ignored? Can you post a link?



    I normally create the table on my computer until it looks right in my browser. Then I copy the browser results and paste that into the page using the visual (not html) editor. Sometimes I have to then go to the html editor and tweak a few things like borders, but it works fine for me.

    exemplum gratum:



    I’m having exactly the same issue. I’m using HTML toolkit to build a static page for my WordPress blog site. I’ve created a new template then added my own HTML to this. The HTML works fine in WordPress except for Tables. I’ve added a table to contain and frame some text. This displays ok in HTML toolkit but it look like WordPress is ignoring the table when I preview the page.

    WordPress version is 2.8.6, ant help greatly appreciated!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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