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    Wow, that’s a lot of code. But, you don’t need the entire index.php for WordPress to work. All you need is the following code, and The Loop:
    <?php require('./wp-blog-header.php'); ?>

    I guess I don’t understand your comment; I don’t have the entire index.php code that came with the program– that’s mostly all been deleted/edited down. All the code above is JUST for the image tables, which is the only thing that isn’t working.

    I’ve done image maps on numerous occassions. Perhaps your syntax was wrong. Post what you have and I’ll try to help.
    And FYI, tables are evil. Remember that.

    When defining a poly map, the first and last coordinates should be identical. So for each link, copy the first pair of coordinates and paste it onto the end.



    I was just over at w3c working on a similiar issue and they say to use the id tag as well:
    <map name=”main_Map”>
    <map id=”main_Map” name=”main_Map”>
    is the link. I am stuggling to get image maps two work with poly rollovers in firefox myself just now.



    …And FYI, tables are evil…

    Tables are appropriate for presenting tabular information. To say they are evil is simply wrong. Spammers are evil, and should be forced to listen to Muzak for eternity, or longer, even.



    Funny (or sad). I just spent about three hours trying to get this to work and finally discover that my image map layer isn’t the top layer in the z-index and a subsequent layer covered it (albeit with invisible margin) and so I could never hover over my image map because it was covered. See if that helps you … good luck. Drop on over to the chat room at (link in top right later tonight) and let me know if this didn’t solve it and I will try to help further. But your description is exactly what I was experiencing!
    To diagnose it I finally had just that div and it worked, then when I added the next div it didn’t, so I tried different content in that div and it work half and not half and I looked at the two contents and realized the half that didn’t work was overlapped by the margin from the first. Let me know.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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