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  • I’m trying to get phpMyAdmin to import/export/dump tables so that the content from my local MAMP installation can replace the content now hosted at godaddy.

    The domain redirected to localhost after the first attempt, so I did a find/change on the exported sql file to replace “http://localhost/” with my domain url.

    I got a blank page after uploading this edited sql file, and reverting to the default theme as suggested on didn’t fix it. The only related thread I could find in these forums is a bit over my head. (This is my first experience with MySQL tables but I’d assumed that uploading content from a local installation would be almost as easy as uploading themes.)

    The site returns to normal whenever I re-import the old (original) tables, so it seems the problem is a fatal difference in my MAMP-exported file. I’ve updated the DB name, user, password and host information in wp-config.php, but is there another line somewhere I should edit? Or is there a way to export the tables (from MAMP) that will make them more/backward compatible with the versions at

    Godaddy has: WordPress2.5.1, phpMyAdmin, PHP 4+ and MySQL 5.0.27
    MAMP says: WordPress2.5.1, phpMyAdmin 2.10.2, PHP 4+ and MySQL 5.0.41

    Any directions would be helpful. I’m completely lost and it would take days to re-enter and format all the content via the live (godaddy-hosted) site.

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  • And another thing, Tamba starts with a warning that

    WordPress 2.x.x uses a cache file. You MUST delete the cache or this will not appear to have worked.
    Delete everything in the /wp-content/cache directory before you upload the new files a…

    …but I see no cache folder inside wp-content. I use the Files window in Dreamweaver 8 for FTP.

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