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  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to post my opt-in form on my wordpress home page but I would like an image next to it, and the only way I can think of doing that is with a table. Usually it is a simple 2 cell table.
    Image on the left cell, paste my aweber opt in form on the right cell.
    Problem is when I put this code inside my header.php or index.php it comes disjointed e.g. the left cell image is above and then the right cell will be below.

    I basically am trying to paste this code (2 column table) at the top of but as you can see rather than the 2 columns being side by side the right column is below the left
    See the image and aweber sign up form I prepared:

    This is how it appears when I paste onto my wordpress theme index.php home page:

    This is how it is supposed to appear, and this is how the HTML/PHP loads fine before I paste into wordpress:

    Another example is our about us page, as you can see most things on this page are TABLES with 2 COLUMNS, usually IMAGE on the LEFT and TEXT on the RIGHT, but once I paste this into WordPress – it comes with left cell/image higher and the right cell/text is not next to it, but below and moved down somewhat?

    Correct appearance on my other non-wordpress site:

    Tried WP-Table Reloaded plugin but no luck, shortcode did not even work when I put it on the homepage.

    BTW I have several sites and for all of them I want an image next to an aweber sign in form on the top right in the header and on the main page so can pay a small fee if someone can do all this quickly.

    Thanks guys really appreciate the help!
    Cheers, Dave

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