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    Sorry for asking stupid questions, but I am new to WordPress and also Sprotspress. I need some help please. Trying to read through all the posts to find my problem is a lengthy task, and therefor apologise if this has already been dealt with.

    Our rugby club, host a sevens festival every year. There are 4 divisions, from Pro, Semi Pro, Club and Social. In each division there is 10 teams, and in each division these teams are divided into 2 pools. All the teams play one another in the pool, and the top two in each pool play accross to the other pool in the Cup semi and 3rd and 4th place play acroos to the other pool in the Plate semis?

    My question is, would I be able to setup for each division, and each pool, game fixtures and log etc. via Sportspress. We want to update the logs etc live from the tournament and dis[play it on our website.

    I hope someone can help me and I will appreciate it very much!




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    @raymond9 Thank you for your question, and welcome to WordPress!

    I would recommend using “Leagues” to organize the divisions and pools within each festival. You could create 4 “parent” leagues which would encompass the 2 pools within each division.

    From SportsPress > Leagues, add a league called “Pro”. Then, create another league called “Pro Pool 1” but this time, select “Pro” as the parent. Create “Pro Pool 2” as well, also using “Pro” as the parent.

    The structure will now look like this:

    — Pro Pool 1
    — Pro Pool 2

    Repeat for the 3 other leagues. Your league structure will now look like:

    — Club Pool 1
    — Club Pool 2
    — Pro Pool 1
    — Pro Pool 2
    Semi Pro
    — Semi Pro Pool 1
    — Semi Pro Pool 2
    — Social Pool 1
    — Social Pool 2

    Now that the leagues are set up, let’s also add a Season for this year’s festival. Go to SportsPress > Seasons and create a new season called “2014” for example.

    Let’s also create the teams. Go to Teams > Add New and add all of the teams in the festival. Be sure to select the current season, the division, and the pool. For instance, “Pro” and “Pro Pool 1”. This will make the team selectable when adding matches, and later, league tables.

    We’re ready to add events. When creating events, be sure to select the season (2014) and both the parent league (division) and the pool. For instance, “Pro” and “Pro Pool 1”. That way, the statistics from that event will count toward the “Pro” division while also being able to filter by “Pro Pool 1”.

    You’ll probably want to create separate pages and/or widgets to show the team standings within each pool in each division. To do this, go to Teams > League Tables and create a new league table. Select “Pro Pool 1” as the League and “2014” as the season, then select all of the teams in that pool. The values will automatically populate each time an event result is published.

    The league table you just created can also be displayed in a widget. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the “SportsPress League Table” widget to your main sidebar area. Then, select the league table you just created, and optionally turn on/off any of the columns to create a shorthand table.

    You can also create a page displaying league tables, player lists, and any other content. Copy the “Shortcode” you see when editing the league table and paste it into a new page (Pages > Add New). It’s that simple 🙂

    Feel free to let me know if you get stuck and I’d be happy to help.

    Hi Themeboy

    Thank you very much for your help, I will work through your instructions and see how far I can get. Thank you very very much!

    Hi Themeboy

    I was able to create all the pools and teams as per your instruction, but is now stuck on the events. I am not sure what to do next. Do I have to create only one event, or do i have to creat an event for each division?

    Plugin Author ThemeBoy


    @raymond9 You’ll need to create an event for each match. When creating an event, select the pool as the League.

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