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  • Hello,
    I had recently upgraded my wordpress about 30mins ago to 4.5.1 and discovered that my TABLEPRESS Pagination is not working. The search function, pagination function aren’t working again. I have about 80 rows and all these rows are supposed to be managed together so that a visitor can NEXT the PAGE to see past history.

    PLUGIN ==>>

    Kindly help in this regard on what to do about this. It messed up my tables.

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  • Hello,
    I had worked on it and figured out how to do it. I observed that I upgraded my wordpress from 4.4 to 4.5.1 and this caused all the problems.

    I checked that my theme was not updated for the latest wordpress update for my JQUERY to work properly. I decided to degrade my wordpress back to 4.4 and everything seems to be working perfectly.

    Its great now. Thanks alot.


    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    As you have also posted this at , I’ve now replied there. Let’s continue the discussion there, to keep things in one place.


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