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  • The default calendar script built into WordPress uses tables. Has anyone come up with a tableless version? If not, I want this to be my first “hack”. Hopefully no one else has done anything close to this already — I need something to do. I did some Google research and found this website. What do y’all think?

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  • Wow! That table has always bothered me. Nice work in finding the site. What we now need to understand is cross platform behaviour.

    my 2 cents.
    tables are and should be used for tabular content.
    and calendar in my opinion is a tabular content… making it css based will be messy to say the least…
    but that’s my opinion ofcourse.
    and i do remember someone comin up with a tableless calendar on this forum before 🙂

    You know, I always excused the calendar table with the same arguement as Susubh, but if Eric Meyer thinks it should be CSS, go for it!

    Heck. Not Eric Meyer 😉

    Eric Meyer has never said that you shouldn’t use tables for a calendar. He implemented a table-less calendar as a proof-of-concept, and nothing more. He has said as much.
    The best way to future-proof a web site is to use semantic markup, especially for main layout. For tabular data, tables are the correct semantics. I posted on my blog on this subject about a year ago.

    Dougal, I still prefer a tableless calendar.
    I’m going to go ahead and see if I can make one, and I’ll go ahead and post it up when I am done.
    Wouldn’t it be really neat to advertise that WordPress is one of the few weblog scripts that is completely CSS tableless?

    Douglas just because you said on your site that tables may be used for calendars does not mean that you are *right*. If any of us here, and our friend may be leading the way; want to max the css what better example than a tableless calendar. Heck don’t discourage the guy. The css pencils may be *useless but as a conceptual starting point they were awesome. I am working on a collapsible head graphic. @alienvenom: I say have at it and the very best of luck.

    Opera shift-f11 handles the example well…
    lets see what gets developed here! 🙂

    Whackos and zealots! Eek!! I was just going to ask how Opera (now upgraded
    I understand) was going to handle this. Is a calendar really “tabular data”. Or is it just a calendar? More importantly IMHO regardless of it’s inherent merits it is a good demonstrator of laying out divs/spans in a tabular form. That may have wider applications.

    I think you answered your own question 😉

    “Is a calendar really “tabular data”. Or is it just a calendar?”

    “…it is a good demonstrator of laying out divs/spans in a tabular form.”

    IMHO, calendars *are* tabular data. They consist of rows and columns, and those relationships have meaning. You can read down a column to get the dates of each Monday of the month, for example. Or, you could read across a row to find the dates in a particular week. The data is relational, and tabular.
    I do think it’s a good exercise to see if you can replicate a calendar in CSS…the learning process would be great. I just wouldn’t use it in production.

    tecervo: this is no fun at all unless we break things!

    Secretly I am a bit of an Opera fan / user myself although I am currently on FF. I just know you get a lot of stick. Its just fallen behind a bit recently. Any one who is not using The Company’s products must be OK in my book.


    Sir William Gates please.

    I implemented a tableless calendar something like 2 months back. If someone wants to point me to a good location on the Wiki, I’d be glad to make it available (it’s a revision of the get_calendar code, to return either a table or tableless version).
    I’ve since removed the calendar from my public pages (only logged in admins see it), as it took up too much space and wasn’t useful functionality for my site.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)
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