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    This is the same problem as:

    I also have same problem, on several WordPress installations.
    With phpMyAdmin I see the table as forever “in use” and with “no type” (no InnoDB, no Myisam).
    Clicking on “show table content” returns: #1932 – Table ‘wp.wp_wfNet404s’ doesn’t exist in engine

    I use MariaDB.

    Do you have suggestions ?
    Is reinstalling WordFence with “delete all data” the only solution ?

    Would that be a better solution,
    if we just delete all this tables and WordFence re-creates them automatically if they don’t exist ?
    Is it already like this ?

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  • Hi @nokao,

    This error is indicating that the table may have become corrupted. To try and repair the table:

    1. In phpmyadmin, expand the wp database and scroll down to the wp_wfNet404s table.
    2. In the “With selected” box, select Repair table. phpmyadmin will let you know if the repair is successful.

      Let me know if this doesn’t successfully repair the table!

    wp_wfNet404s is FUBAR,
    can’t be Analyzed, Repaired or Optimized.

    Error is “doesn’t exist” but I support that, apart from being b-locked, it’s a InnoDB table.

    I’m asking you an advise on how to solve because it’s a think I have to do, apparently, in 100 websites.
    So, deleting it hoping that the plugin recreates it automatically would be a lot easyer.

    support = suppose
    think = thing
    deleting it hoping = delete it and then hope

    sorry !

    Hi @nokao,

    Sorry for my late reply, I’m not sure if you are still having this issue or not, but I believe not being able to repair a database table is something you should reach out to your web host about it.

    Also, do you have any idea about what might be common between these 100 websites? are they all on the same server? do you use any WordPress management solution/plugin to manage all of these sites?


    Hi !

    Apparently, tables was urrecoverable due to MySQL problems happened during Wordfence scans.
    This is related to the infinite/continuous Wordfence scans problem that I had last year.

    The solution was to export all database except Wordfence tables,
    drop the entire database and recreate it,
    import Wordfence backup,
    and start from zero with Wordfence activation.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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