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  • Hi,

    I have used tables plugin for my site.wanted to have search and sort functionalities as well.
    Problem:when i am selecting library:datatables or datatable+table sort,neither sort is working nor search bar is appearing.
    When im selecting Table sorter or Table sorter extended,Sort option is working but search box still not appearing.
    I have created a test post for the same where guys can have a look and help me out:


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  • Hi,

    can you please change to the “DataTables” library for this test site? Only that library actually has the search feature. And to find out why it is not working, I need to see it in action on the site.


    @tobiasbg:Changed it to DataTables[recommended].
    Now you may check….


    ah, thanks for that!

    The reason for this problem is that your server is configured, so that it does not allow text files to be retrieved by the browser. Specifically, WP-Table Reloaded needs to load a translation text file via JavaScript, but for the file the server returns a “404 Not Found” error, due to the server configuration.

    Therefore, your server configuration will need to be changed to also allow text files. You’ll probably need to contact your webhost about this.
    Another idea might be to switch to the TablePress plugin from which will be the official and designated successor of WP-Table Reloaded.
    TablePress does this differently, so that this file loading is not necessary, and due to that, the error will not happen.


    Hello Tobias,

    A quick help needed..
    So i am using the Tablepress Plugin now!
    Thanks for that!!!

    Now,i want to add new rows and show them as latest,so they should appear as top rows rather than at the end whenever im adding them.
    currently insert new rows makes it add at the end!
    is there a way to insert at top or in between??
    Is there a way to do that??

    Idea is to add rows as first one rather than last or else by default when user visits the page,he should see the latest one added as first row[first row i mean after headers]



    yes, that is possible. Just click the checkbox below the header row and click the “Insert rows” button after the “Selected rows” text.
    Another idea would be to add new rows (to the end) and move them (by drag and drop via the row number) to the top.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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