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  • We have a common speadsheet that we covert to Word for posting to our site. The spreedsheet and word conversion file structure is consistant each day with the exception of content values.

    Each post, WordPress will change the column widths, truncating values and without consistancy. We have to manually edit the column widths in the Word file each and every time we post until it displays in our WordPress site the way it should.

    Any one else have exerperience in posting tables and spreedsheets ?

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  • whooami



    completely off topic, but are you one of THE Broadbents?? That last name .. is well news-worthy (if you are, you will know what I am referring to).

    Not sure what you are refering to ?

    Your theme may have a content width too narrow for your data. Also, WordPress will mess up your code if you are using the visual editor, especially if you are switching back and forth between the visual and code editor.

    I used Excel to convert a spreadsheet into an html document and posted that to my site and it works fine. If you have Excel, you don’t need to convert something to Word to get it into html.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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