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    I have a recurring event that goes weekly for 6 weeks (just to give you an idea).

    On each page, I would like to have
    A) the list of all events
    B) or at least upcoming events part of this series
    C) or both, wheras the currently displayed recurrence is highlight(ed/)able through CSS class so that I can hook in my own styles for hiliting

    I have not found the right placeholder, yet. Any hint is appreciated

    (and for WP-Team: I’d really appreciate to be able to search the forum here in WP – would really lower the duplication rate of topics ;-))

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    you can do this with shortcodes e.g.

    [events_list recurrence=”x”]

    where x is the recurring id of your recurring event template

    Agreed on the search issue, but then they have their hands full enough so google is pretty good for searching these forums 🙂

    Thanks, seems to be the right approach just need to figure out the easy way to get the event ID.
    When I place this in the Page it does not work:
    [events_list recurrence=”#_EVENTID”]
    Using the post ID 914 did not do either. Using any other text string returned ALL events.
    I must be having my stupid day. Am I missing an essential part here?

    Thanks Marcus

    Plugin Author Marcus


    shortcodes are processed before EM parses the placeholders, so your shortcode wouldn’t work.

    to get the event id, see your events list in admin and open the screen options tab on the top right of the page. you can make it appear as a column.

    I tried and it says something like
    “currently no events published” (I have German profile)

    The issue may be that the Event ID in the events table are the individual event ids for each recurrence. I need to list up all members of the chain of events, the upcoming one (or current one) hilited. Alternativly, ONLY the upcoming events associated to the recurring event chain.
    The ID of the TEMPLATE is not seen in the List of events, unless it has to be the first occurence ID. I will try that as well


    I still cannot figure out how this works.
    I tried the first event ID, the post id, always it tells me, no events published yet…

    I guess, I need to go into the code and debug. Weird

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Are you replacing #_EVENTID with the event id of the recurring event template? i.e. go to Recurring Events, find your event, and use the event id, if you don’t see it, go to screen options on the top right of that screen and enable the Event ID column.

    Ah, I have been on the wrong admin page for RECURRING events, me stupid….well, I will assume that will work then 😉
    I test THAT later


    Yes, confirming, works fine, now. Sorry for my stupidity 😉

    Plugin Author Marcus


    np, thx for confirming!

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