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    Hello there,

    I have been searching for a way to change the layout of the league table for a full weak now. I run an esports league (Rainbow Six Siege) wherein teams fight in best of 2’s for the game win. If they draw (So both 1 one map) they should both receive 1 point. If one team takes both maps it should give them 3 points while the loser gets 0. I kind of got that to work but I cannot find a way to make it order the teams based on those points. As far as I can see they are in alphabetical order even tho the points are not equal. Can you help me out?

    Ps: is there a way to make the round difference be a decider if points are equal?

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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  • You would need to change the “Sort Order” in your table columns SportsPress -> Configure and go down to table columns. You’ll see Label | Equation | Decimal Places | Sort Order | Description

    Edit the points variable option and on the right hand side (details tab) you should have a drop down menu called “Sort Order”. If you want it to sort by points, have points be “1”. Then you go select another as “2” for a tiebreak and 3 if more than 1 tie-break is required. Make sense?

    As for your 2nd question about round difference If you are still talking about the sorting order for the overall standings – You can simply select the table column you want to be the 2nd deciding factor and put it under Sort order 2 just like you did above for “points”.

    I’m not expert with sportspress but hopefully that answers your question. If not, I’m sure someone with more knowledge will jump in when they can to help you out.


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    Hi there!

    Thanks for the help robjr14

    The order attribute is the right one indeed.


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