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  • jcop00


    I’ve the same problem and I’ve lost my previously saved tables. If anyone can help, I will be grateful.

    I’ve the same problem to.

    I got the same problem. The plugin don’t want to save the table.

    i would like to know if someone found the solution.

    thinks for your return

    same here
    no way to save a table

    This problem occurs when you use Maria DB on your web server. “rows” is a reserved expression.

    Download fixed version from here:

    But keep in your mind all you old tables will be deleted if you have got them.

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    Ok so just to be sure
    Should I install the fixed version mentioned here or the regular one for a fresh install?

    Is the fixed version only for the guys with a MariaDB on their server or good for everyone?

    I will use it for a fresh website with possibly dozens of simple tables so I want to be sure not to lose everything if the webserver is upgraded to something new.

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    It is good for everyone who has MySQL or MariaDB server. Make a DB backup, uninstall the old plugin, install new one from GitHub. That is all.



    All my tables are gone. Any way to retrieve these?

    I have the same problem due to Maria DB update.

    Is there a way to fix this but retain the table?

    @aberdov thanks for your updated plugin. Works a treat.

    For anyone else looking, best thing to do is backup your existing database using updraft. open your database file in Notepad++ and press CTRL-F – type in wpsm_tables and click to search.

    You will see some text that looks like this (but with your table data after VALUES):

    # Data contents of tablewpsm_tables
    INSERT INTO wpsm_tables VALUES
    # End of data contents of table wpsm_tables

    copy that code, visit your mysql database via putty or some other way, and execute those commands on the database, but changing wpsm_tables to wp_wpsm_tables

    This should then restore your tables 🙂

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    @shawaj Thank you. But the prefix “wp_” may be different for a different website. It is better to look it in the wp-config file.

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