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  • Probably have to watch the width pretty closely (keeping in mind that IE does horrible things to sidebars if anything on a page is too wide….) You might rather set it up in a div outside of the nested list sidebar normalcy though….

    The template I’m using has fixed width sidebars and a fluid center col. So I thought I would make the table like 5px less than the col width…..

    “You might rather set it up in a div outside of the nested list sidebar normalcy though….”

    Sorry…over my head! If you were interested in providing a…well maybe “2nd grade level” explanation I might understand that!

    The one (two?… hundred…?) things to keep in mind when it comes to IE:
    you have a sidebar of fixed width, let’s say 180px –
    you have border 1px = 2px (left/right)
    you have padding 4px = 8px (left/right)
    180-2-8=170px remaining to place anything inside!
    (and this was a very simple example!)

    EDIT. Oh, I think vkaryl referred to the fact that most sidebars in WP are formed as nested lists… with their own margins, padding etc. – so anything place INSIDE of a list might decrease the space further)

    Thanx…So I need to play with widths which I think I can manage without too much trouble. I want to bump the sidebar widths a bit anyway. But, as far as dropping in the html there’s no problem?

    Thanx again

    PS So how would I “set it up in a div outside of the nested list sidebar normalcy though”? Or is this too complicated to ask here?

    Yes, moshu, that was what I was getting at. My last attempt to put a small financial table inside the nested list setup in a sidebar was fairly disastrous!

    David, if you open the sidebar.php file for the theme you’re using, you’ll see that it’s a mess of ul/li/ul/li tags over and over. That’s known as “nested lists”. Kinda like there used to be “nested tables” back when using tables for layout was accepted. The deeper into the “nesting” you get, the less space you have to work with.

    OK, I get that… So if I replace all of that (everything between the “div” tags) with my table code would that work?


    Yes, it could. However in that case it will be more difficult to use the usual template tags to organize your menus: they assume the structure of the nested lists!
    I guess you want to take care of the menu items manually…

    “I guess you want to take care of the menu items manually..”

    Well I was actually hoping to “cheat” a bit on this one. If you look at the blog:

    you can see that all of the menus are in the right hand sidebar. The left side only contains an image. This is where I wanted to drop the table.


    Very nice theme 🙂
    but a path like this:
    background: #ffffff url(file:///PETE-1/Users/daviddecristoforo/Desktop/vesuvius/%27wp-images/bg1.gif%27)
    is not likely to work (unless the blog is hosted on your desktop 🙂

    You meant the menu is in the left</sidebar and a pic in the right side, didn’t you?
    I guess you replace that image with your table…

    The div and image source (path) is:

    <div id=”sidebox1″>
    <img src=”” alt=”Teapot”>

    Dumbass simple I know but yes, my thought was to drop the image into a table cell along with the headers and articles adn then replace:

    <img src=”” alt=”Teapot”>

    with the entire table.



    The line I copied above is from your stylesheet… Sorry, if I wasn’t clear: talking about the theme I “quoted” that line from the stylesheet of your ‘carrot’ theme 🙂
    [the reason I was joking about it is here]

    OK That’s strange….
    Here’s where I reveal how little I know about this stuff. I don’t even know how those lines got there. Did I put them there? Hummm. They don’t do anything do they? I could just delete them right?


    PS I didn’t get the joke either 🙂

    Lines like those usually “happen” when you edit a file on your computer and you want to insert an image somewhere… and some editors will put there the path to the image on your computer – which, of course, will do nothing on the web.
    Originally, the vesuvius does have bg image for the sidebars.

    Edit. I was the one who ported the vesuvius 1.2 style into a theme. Hence the “nice theme” remark.

    Cool. I really don’t know squat about this stuff so I just have to “feel my way along” when my wife asks me to do something with her blog. HTML I can do. PHP? CSS? Well let’s just say I manage to figure it out with the help of people who do know. So let me say thanx for the theme. We really wanted a 3 col. with a fluid center so this works really well for that. I am working on an “updated look which is what inspired this thread in the first place. We want to make it look more like a newspaper (my wife is a journalist with a bent for nutrition).

    Anyway, my “editing” of both the CSS and the PHP code has been done with a simple text editor (Text Edit on Mac OSX) so if those lines got put there, I must have put them there.
    I’m going to go ahead and mess with the tables thing. I think I’ve got a good enough grip at this point to get myself into enough trouble to make it necessary to ask some more questions 😉

    Thanx Again

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