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  • WordPress database error: [Table ‘myprefix.wp_httpbl_log’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT blocked,count(*) FROM wp_httpbl_log GROUP BY blocked

    Deactivating, un-installing and re-installing did not work as a solution for me.

    The table does not exist.

    Can you provide me with the SQL code so that I can plug it in directly?

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  • I know this is a bit late, but I saw your reply and thought I’d check out the code in case you or anyone else is interested.

    The SQL is below:

    CREATE TABLE wp_httpbl_log
         id              INT(6) NOT NULL auto_increment PRIMARY KEY,
         ip              VARCHAR(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'unknown',
         time            DATETIME NOT NULL,
         user_agent      VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'unknown',
         httpbl_response VARCHAR(16) NOT NULL,
         blocked         BOOL NOT NULL

    Note however you may need to check and change the table prefix from wp_ to your own prefix where required.

    The plugin looks like it should create the table itself. If you get any error messages installing ensure you paste them in next time.

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