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  • Lon Hayes


    I selected Fixing WordPress because there’s a problem with the limits on table creation and I’d really like to have someone else edit content. Now I’m sure I’m doing something wrong and I’d love to get a look at the CSS include file so I know where to start.

    My generic include file zeros all margins and padding, save for floats, list items, blockQuotes and I’m sure there’s one I’m missing; those I define. I’m frustrated by the gaudy vertical spacing every line receives whether it is inside a <td> or between blocks; yes, cellPadding=0 and cellSpacing=0 were used. One thing about that is the zeroing of margin and spacing I do happen in the include file so it can be overridden by the page CSS. Yes, since I remove all vertical spacing, I add classes to ad it in when I want it back. Another thing, I don’t see anywhere to change to width of a column in the table. When I write them I size them when all the data is entered. Again, click and drag makes sense for your theme of using non-programmers.

    I used tables on a recent post. When I do I’m liable to need the colSpan=x attribute. Not available to use on the table creation. If I could click separation lines to define col/rowSpans that would work with the WordPress theme of letting non-programmers to the content arranging.

    Also, don’t know where to find access to font style and size for the theme. At the very least to know where I’m starting from, at best to alter the theme from the beginning.

    Are any of these features coming out in the new release I just saw today?

    Can anyone think of anything else think of something that would help table construction and formatting?


    That’s the one I forgot sup & sub definitions.

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    The CSS for tables depends on the theme you’re using. Today’s update included some theme updates, but you’d have to check the changelogs for the ones that interest you. If there were changes to table CSS, it’s probably subtle.

    If you’re building sites that rely on tables (rather than CSS Grid or something more modern), look at a plugin like TablePress.



    > I’d love to get a look at the CSS include file

    > Also, don’t know where to find access to font style and size for the theme.

    Look under the /wp-content/ folder for the /themes/ folder.

    Select your theme.

    Look for a file called style.css

    I see themes in appearance, but no folders. Where are the folders found?

    Hay Steve,

    1st I tried importing my table template. That was a bust.
    2nd I tried creating a table from scratch. When I attempted to execute the colSpan command it gave me a warning:

    Attention: You have enabled the usage of the DataTables JavaScript library for features like sorting, search, or pagination.
    Unfortunately, these can not be used in tables with combined cells.
    Do you want to proceed and automatically turn off the usage of DataTables for this table?

    Is this telling me the serving Congregation members won’t be able to edit the content? I’m canceling the creation until I hear back from you.

    I really hope that is not the case…

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    I think TablePress added caching link to the top line of my dashboard. Is Caching’s purge all command removing all canceled or trashed tables from it’s link list of tables? I’ve started 4 tables now it gives ID/(howmany) when I start another table.

    Lon – In order to see the folders, you would either need access directly to the server-level or install a plug-in, like “File Manager” by “Aftabul Islam”, to access the folders. I’m not sure how the permissions and authentications work (I had access to the server level, but this was a lot easier).

    Good luck!

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