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  • The visual editor is nice but it lacks one feature and that is the option for creating tables to hold content. I have tried some plugins but with the current updates to wordpress some of the plugins no longer work.

    My request is for the addition of being able to add tables to your content area when using the visual editor.

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  • Hi,
    tinyMCE, the visual editor for WordPress, has its own plugin called ‘table’ which does right this. (Searching for wordpress’ plugin can’t help you).

    Just download tinyMCE from its webpage. In the archive, in folder tiny_mce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins is ‘table’ folder, which is to copy to your wordpress/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins.

    Then enable this plugin by editing tiny_mce_config.php – add ‘table’ to $plugins and add ‘tablecontrols’ to $mce_buttons.

    And it should be working fine.

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    Thank you Locus for replying. I will check out the Tiny mice. In reading your answer it looks like I need to upload this in a different folder that my plugins folder. I will go through your instructions again so I understand.

    I enabled the table plugin, but it didn’t stop wordpress from stripping my everything but the first row from my tables upon save or switching from html to visual mode.

    For everybody: if you want your html code to be preserved – TURN OFF the wysiwyg for good. DO not switch between visual/code but turn it off definitely. You will be a happy camper/blogger…

    An alternative is to use the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. It adds extra functions, including tables, you can add to your WYSIWYG bars; including a button for checking your HTML so you don’t have to switch between ‘visual’ and ‘code’.

    One more thing, I haven’t found any place in WP 2.3.1 where you can turn off visual editing.

    One more thing, I haven’t found any place in WP 2.3.1 where you can turn off visual editing.

    Hmmm… admin > Users > Your profile?

    WordPress should defiantly have table support by default, or at least an easy way to turn it on or off…

    Here’s a quick guide on how to impliment this feature ->

    This plugin is not exactly what you might be expecting. I expected to get a grid of rows and columns I could type in; instead, a screen pops up full of cryptic code that will send users running to the IT department for help. Also, when you add the “tablecontrols” to the toolbar, it doubles the width of the toolbar expanding out into the next column. It would be much easier to simply hand code the table tags than to explain what the stuff on that screen means. This is not a WYSIWYG plugin, it is more a programmer’s macro.

    If your objective here is to enable your users who do not know html to be able to do tables in wordpress…this plugin will not help you in that quest. If I’ve missed something, please correct me here.

    Hey everyone, I just tested this and neither examples shown here were 100% correct.

    I downloaded TinyMCE, put the “table” folder into the plugins directory in wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins. That part is correct.

    Then in the file “tiny_mce_config.php” I edited this line:
    $plugins = array( 'safari', 'inlinepopups', 'autosave', 'spellchecker', 'paste', 'wordpress', 'media', 'fullscreen' );
    and added
    into the array.

    I then scrolled down and edited

    $mce_buttons_3 = apply_filters('mce_buttons_3', array( ));

    by adding
    making it

    $mce_buttons_3 = apply_filters('mce_buttons_3', array('tablecontrols' ));

    Then opened up a post/page edit and refreshed the page…. table controls!

    But now… what about editing table cell colours? This enables you to edit padding, borders, cellspacing, merging etc. but no colours 🙁

    I’ve written this out in more detail here.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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