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  • Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Unfortunately all the code relies on WP functions. The plugin does not support doing this outside of WP.

    of course you can make an php-page where you call your db and display rows(whether the db is on WP or not, is just rows of info)

    then you could add a form elements which you can use to edit db info, this would be basic stuff, _IF_ the database would be made like rest of the mysql tables >:/

    just think that db is made this way, just to sell edit-plugins. just to make DIY tougher :/ , and yes i have read explanations why it is done the way it is

    i’m not a db master, so this just sucks that you have to learn basic query stuff again.
    for example, i just can’t imagine that clocktime, unixtime, can be a used as a unique id?? or perhaps i’m missing something here, or perhaps a lot 🙂

    well, i’ll try to make this external php-page to edit cf7db info. But i will also buy that edit-plugin, don’t worry, just for it if i get too frustrated with this.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I am often amazed to see complaints about what is given for free. And to be frank, what little I make on selling the editor does not even come close to being worthwhile for all the time I spend updating the code and addressing issues on the forum. I often ask myself why I bother.


    sorry for a bit harsh start here…

    i was just soooo happy when i found this CF DB solution at last, and was planning all kinds of things to make statistics from db etc..(using CF7 as membership form)
    So i was a bit unhappy when i noticed that my skills suck :/

    but i bought this DB-Edit tool and everything seems a bit brighter here…
    only thing that bothers is that i’m not very keen on giving access to dashboard to our membership-staff :/ , so external php-page with edit option was high on my wish list.

    but i’ll find my way through. Keep up the good work, sorry for whining :/

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Others have wanted the same thing or similar. As I think about this, it might not be too hard for me to update the code it to give you a [cfdb-datatable] with an option to turn editing on. I’ll take a closer look at that this weekend and get back to you.

    But security is a concern. Users would still need to be logged in to access the data. Is that going to work for you? If I take away that restriction, then I open up a security hole where anybody can edit your data even if there is no page with this short code on it.

    Another aspect of the security concern is that users that are allowed to edit something can edit everything. People generally want users to only be able to edit their own data or just some subset of data. I can’t easily put in that level of security.


    sounds awesome 🙂
    i have member groups in WP, done with User Access Management-plugin. So i have different pages with different user access, for governance, admins, membership-staff, basic members and so on… so with me the security won’t be a problem.

    Dashboard has to much power so i try to keep people away from there

    could sorting be used too with [cfdb-datatable] , with edit option? that way people could just display certain columns from database to edit and not all of them? This would be a great solution for security also. Dont’t know if it’s possible, but still 🙂


    Michael, your plugin is awesome. It will be great if you add the database editing feature. 🙂

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Update: I think I have something working but I’m not quite ready to release it.

    To be clear: you would still need to purchase the editor plugin, but in doing so you could then use [cfdb-datatable form=”form-name” edit=”true”] to have an editable table on a post or page (instead of only in the admin area as it is now).

    I’ll need to provide updates to both plugins.

    nice! 🙂

    can filtering/short code builder be used with that [cfdb-datatable form=”form-name” edit=”true”]?

    can’t wait… seems that it’s going to be early christmas 😛 \o/

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson



    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Updates to both plugins are now available.


    thanks a lot for this… works nicely. now it’s just job to build the existing members to CSV file and import.

    keep building plugins! 😉 *worship*

    I would really like to use the db edit plugin, but when I go to the plug in site
    it says that it hasn’t been update in over 2 years. But in this post you indicated you had just updated it. Am I going to the correct site? I have Contact Form 7, and also the Contact Form DB, and they work well together for our non-profit’s annual membership, but the database generated is not editable. I think this extension is exactly what I need.
    Please advise. Thanks!

    Nevermind… I found the current plug in extension site, and purchased the editor. Looks like a winner! For anyone else with this same question, go to

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