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    In attempting to upgrade WordPress, I am prompted to repair the database. I am getting a series of errors as given in the sample below:

    The bb_1_posts table is not okay. It is reporting the following error: Table 'db.wp_1_posts' doesn't exist. WordPress will attempt to repair this tableā€¦
        Failed to repair the wp_1_posts table. Error: Table 'db.wp_1_posts' doesn't exist

    Understandably, this isn’t working because the table doesn’t exist but I don’t understand why it is looking for tables marked with _1.

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  • It is network (multi-site) related. For example, if your prefix is ‘wp_’ and you switch on network (multi-site) then each site gets an additional sequential number added to the prefix, so site 2 would be ‘wp_2_’.

    However, when ‘MU’ (multi-site) was incorporated into WP3, the first, original, site was no longer renamed ‘wp_1_’.

    So instead of having wp_1_, wp_2_, wp_3 (pre WP3) you now have wp_, wp_2_, wp_3_ (WP3 onwards).

    Perhaps there is an issue with one of your plugins regarding this.

    I had a feeling it was something to do with multisite – although I never ran multisite I may have enabled it once to see how it worked. But this doesn’t really answer my question on how to fix this problem and proceed with the database repair. Any suggestions?

    I was able to resolve this particular issue by following the steps in this post:

    I encountered this as well. It was because I was missing “define(‘MULTISITE’, true);” in wp-config.php.

    Hey deanpence, thans for help.. after adding that line it all works!

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