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Table alignment problem

  • Hi everybody!

    I’m french, my english isn’t pretty good, but i’m gonna try to explain my problem, quickly, and clearly.

    That’s my code, a short code, for example:


    <TH style=”background-color: #ddd; width: 150px;”>Informations</TH>
    <TH style=”width: 150px;”>Synopsis</TH>
    <TH style=”background-color: #ddd; width: 150px;”>Casting complet</TH>
    <TH style=”width: 150px;”>Bande annonce</TH>
    <TH style=”background-color: #ddd; width: 150px;”>Galerie de photos</TH>
    <TH style=”width: 150px;”>Social</TH>


    And that’s the result.

    You can see that a blank appeared before the table, I’m able to make my table appear to the top of the page with position: absolute; top: 60px; but when I do that, the blank is still here, after the table…
    So, if you have any solution…
    Thank you!

    (PS: I know, I can do something else than a table for only 1 line, but I also use table with more lines in my pages, and the problem is still the same.)

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  • WPyogi


    Forum Moderator

    Without seeing the actual site live, it’s really not possible to help with something like this. Are you using Firebug to look at what is creating the space?


    That’s my “official” page, the only page on my website for the moment, it’s juste a website to learn using CMS.
    I’m using google chrome and when I see the “source code” (french word, maybe the same in english), I see that <P></P> have been added around and in my tables!

    Okay I see, in my first code, If I write it like this,

    <TABLE><TR><TH style=”background-color: #ddd; width: 150px;”>Informations</TH><TH style=”width: 150px;”>Synopsis</TH><TH style=”background-color: #ddd; width: 150px;”>Casting complet</TH><TH style=”width: 150px;”>Bande annonce</TH><TH style=”background-color: #ddd; width: 150px;”>Galerie de photos</TH><TH style=”width: 150px;”>Social</TH></TR></TABLE>


    It’s ok, wordpress seems to don’t like indentation…

    Delete the line breaks above your table. There are two line breaks on your “official page”.

    I know, I put them because there is a float: left; on my image, and I don’t put them, “Synopsis” appears on the right of the image. But now, there is not anymore a blank after tables!

    But now, there is not anymore a blank after tables!

    Please, explain the problem more thoroughly.

    My english sucks so much x)?

    I mean, the problem is over ^^, wordpress simply seems to don’t like indentation, without indentation, it doesn’t add <P></P> everywhere, curious, but now it works.

    Indentation is the style associated with paragraphs, therefore adding paragraphs to indented elements is normal behavior.
    I don’t understand your confusion.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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