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  • Resolved Deepak Mittal


    I created some Advanced Content Type PODs but then came to know Tabify is not working with such PODs. My tabify screen was throwing errors saying “maximum execution time exceeded”.

    Then I de-activated POD plugin and found that tabify was working fine.
    Again I reactivated the POD plugin and then I deleted those PODs.
    But still tabify is not working. It throws errors similar to below:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /**directory path**/wp-content/plugins/pods/includes/general.php on line 856
    upon refreshing
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /**directory path**/wp-content/plugins/pods/classes/PodsForm.php on line 902
    error messages changes each time on refreshing.

    The tabify edit screen provides above errors but with different *.php file names.

    Is it something you are going to fix in coming releases of Tabify plugin?

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  • Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    Seems something to do with Pods. What version you are running of Pods and you know have no pods at all?

    I am running latest version of PODs(2.3.4) and latest version of Tabify.
    Yes currently I have deleted all the pods but plugin is still active on the site.
    If I deactivate the PODs then Tabify is working fine.

    Just a thought: If tabify is able to function correctly with advanced content type by PODs, then it would be awesome development towards the creation of customized admin panel development to lot of clients.

    I’m a contributor on the Tabify plugin, one of the tasks on my list is to bring the ability to Tabify to add tabs for Advanced Content Types in Pods.

    Your original issue though seems pretty odd, I’m using Pods on many sites that all work perfectly with Tabify, so I’ll keep digging and see what I can find out in regards to what might be causing this.

    If you have no Pods, you shouldn’t be getting any of those errors. Are you using caching of any sort? Try clearing cache.

    Also, try going to Pods Admin > Settings > Clear Pods Cache

    Thanks Scott…I’ve been busy watching your videos only on Pods usages and their power.

    As suggested clearing cache didn’t help then I actually Reset Pods settings and data. It deleted all the data in hand.

    Then I tried activating all the components one by one and tested the compatibility with Tabify Plugin.
    I found that Helpers and Pages components are causing this problem. If I unable any of these two components, I get error message mentioned earlier on Tabify Edit Screen setting page.

    Hi Scott,
    One of my new project is dependent on the success of Tabify with Advanced Content Types.
    Could you please tell me when do you plan/target to release/launch this new wonderful feature to be included in Tabify. So that I can plan selection of my development method accordingly.
    PS. With Tabify and Pods, my project will definitely bring lot of functionality with ease.


    Hi Marko/Scott,
    I created new pod with below specifications:
    1. Content type == “Custom Post Type(like Posts or Pages)”,
    2. Storage type == “Table Based”

    Now, I want to tabify different columns created by above pod into different tabs of my own choice.
    But the issue is that all the columns are getting listed into a metabox named “More Fields” and hence I can not put different columns into different tabs.

    I). Is this feature something that Tabify Plugin can handle in coming releases? Or am I hoping something here which is too complex to be achieved by this plugin’s objective?

    II). If display level settings of any metabox (eg. Editor, Author, Excerpt, Comments etc) in a tab can be controlled in Tabify setting page of the particular pod rather than in pod’s “Admin UI” tab, then this plugin would be more usable. This is just a suggestion.

    I am new to POD framework and still exploring its usability to tackle challenging projects in WordPress. Pod framework seems to be a future director to many developers.

    But really hats off to all of you guys behind pod’s framework and tabify concept.
    Let me know if I need to place this question at some other location.

    Many Thanks,

    Something like below plugin only does with Advanced Custom Field’s Meta boxes:

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    Tabify does meta boxes and in this case “More Fields” is the metabox. So point 1 doesn’t going to happen in Tabify. Not sure if you can have multiple metaboxes. Still need to make time so play with it.

    Displaying the meta box isn’t something that will be done in the core plugin. Maybe with an addon plugin.

    Pods by default only has one metabox, but you can specify the groups of fields using:

    It only works for the WP objects, it’s not yet compatible with Advanced Content Types.

    I’m working on integrating the metaboxes for Advanced Content Types in Pods 2.4, and the way I’m thinking about doing it should make it super easy for Tabify to integrate. There is no set release date for 2.4 yet, but it may be within the next 2-3 months.

    Thanks Scott, I hope this will serve my objective as long as its managed by tabify plugin (ie. if different metaboxes created in such way are organized by tabify).
    Just to mention that at this point of time while creating my project, I am taking pod as core but tabify to fulfill visual admin ui management requirement hand in hand.

    Since as Marko, above, commented that Tabify only supports “More fields”, I will try to see the possibility as per your suggestion above in some time today.
    Thanks again for pointing the needed link. 🙂

    Unfortunately by adding the pods group is not compatible with Tabify. As soon as I added below code into my theme’s function.php, the metabox appears on edit post screen for books but Tabify settings page gives below error:
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /hsphere/local/home/c2940621/ on line 691

    Also, I would need to store these fields into table based pods rather than as meta.

    Please help.

    PHP code added is as below:
    function my_metaboxes ( $type, $name ) {
    pods_group_add( ‘books’, ‘Book Information’, ‘preface,isbn’ );
    add_action( ‘pods_meta_groups’, ‘my_metaboxes’, 10, 2 );

    Tabify is working fine with WP-Types & Views.

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