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  • Hi,
    I think that Tabbed Widgets is really great! It will be even better if I can get it to work!

    I’m thinking that it might be a theme thing. I am using Atahualpa.

    What I am seeing is that anything I place in the “Invisible Widget Area” is invisible. When I place Tabbed Widgets in the sidebar, still ok… When I add the items in the Invisible Widget area to Tabbed Widgets I get no tabbed widgets in my sidebar… but the widgets I have selected in Tabbed Widgets show up in my sidebar as ordinary widgets. No sign of anything tabbed.

    I’m uptodate on WP, PHP, etc…

    Other plugins I have use jquery… maybe a conflict there?

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  • I have the same problem, using the default theme. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if the widget is in the invisible area or not it still is available in the “Tabbed Widget” drop-down box. Any widget selected appears in the sidebar without tabs. WP 2.8.6.

    kendawes, which exact version of PHP are you using? What is the URL of your website?

    It works ok with the default theme on my blog. What is the URL of your site?

    As I posted in the other thread, I have the same problem.

    Site running 2.8.6

    Hi Kaspar,
    The site is hosted on and the PHP ver. is 5.2.11
    the site’s url is


    Hi Kaspar,
    I just upgraded to .83 and the tabs sort of work but I don’t think correctly. It is currently a “virgin” installation with a few plugins installed (let me know if you need the list). The site URL is I have added a three tabbed widget for testing.

    Perhaps I just need the correct style sheet?

    Your advice would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Greg.

    whitsundaysgreg, it works exactly like expected on your site! Try shortening tab titles so that they fit into a single line.

    kendawes, I don’t see tabbed widgets anywhere on your site.

    Hi Kaspar,
    I think I need to do some work on styles. I haven’t decided on a base theme yet for this site, so I’ll sort out the tab style when I’ve done that. Thanks for your help.

    Hi Kaspar,
    Yes that is correct, I don’t have the Tabbed Widgets on the site because they don’t work when I try to use them! As I said, the items that should be tabbed show up as “regular” widgets. They also mess up the formatting of other widgets in the sidebar in Firefox (ok in IE). Because it messes things up, I can’t leave the Tabbed Widgets up for you to see. I did copy the source with the Tabbed Widgets active and uploaded it to… for you to be able to look.

    kendawes, could you please create a temporary login for me — I will have a look at it — my email address is kaspars at

    Hi Kaspar,
    Info should be in your email


    Hi Kaspar,
    I see you have been working on it… How’s it going?

    Thank you!

    kendawes, the plugin is working fine on your site. It is just the CSS that is making it look wrong.

    Let me know if you would like to me to fix this for you:

    i’m having a weird issue with tabbed widgets too:

    1) when i activate the tabbed widgets plugin, all the widgets that were in my sidebar disappear (they’re not gone, they’ve just moved to the inactive area).

    2) if i put any widget into the sidebar, it doesn’t show up… but when i put them in the “invisible widgets area”, they appear in my sidebar normally.

    3) as you can imagine, using the actual “tabbed widgets” widget doesn’t work, no matter what widget container it’s placed in

    wordpress 2.9
    php 5.2

    another question:
    is “most popular posts” in the sidebar using tabbed widgets?

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