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    Hey y’all

    I have the Sahifa Theme 3.0.4 or something like that I believe, and I have a small issue that maybe someone can help me correct.

    There is a tabbed widget that displays Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Tags, and Comments…

    But the popular post listings overlap my title and date as shown in this screenshot:

    If anyone knows where I should start through the coding it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Michael


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    a screenshot is unfortunately not useful for troubleshooting formatting probems;

    can you post a live link to the site where the problem can be inspected?

    you could try to use a browser inspection tool (such as Firebug) to find out where this formatting comes from.



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    assuming that the site linked to your username has the problem:

    might be caused by the very small line-height in style.css, here:

    .widget-container li {
    			background:url(images/sidebar-bullet.png) no-repeat left 8px;
    			padding: 0 0 5px 0px;
    			line-height: 1px;
    			overflow: hidden;

    please contact the theme’s developer for further support (via themeforest ?);

    Okay thank you so much for the timely response alchymyth. And yes the site is I will get firebug and also contact the theme dev for further details. Thank you!



    Not sure why you decided to reply to my thread, but it solved the issue, you are a savior! You probably saved me a good 10 hours trying to solve this issue, but god bless.

    How did you diagnose it so quick? Through firebug?

    But anyways the issue ha been solved I changed the line heigh to 20px, and the date came out from underneath. Thank you!



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    Not sure why you decided to reply to my thread

    by the time, I found out that you are using a commercially supported theme, I had also found the possible cause of the overlapping text; so it was a no-brainer to post the css.

    if this is from the unedited theme, please pass the solution on to the developer.

    How did you diagnose it so quick? Through firebug?

    I prefer working with Firefox’ web developer add-on

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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