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  • Perhaps I’m having a bad day, but I cannot, for the life of me, find the tabbed editor or the spell checker in the new WordPress 2.1. I go to write a new post and I see the page I always have seen where the quick link buttons are, etc. But there is no spell checker that I am aware of, nor the ability to switch between different editing views in the tabbed editor. For the record, I’m using Safari, but I’ve also checked this on Firefox and IE using Virtual PC on my Apple G5. Any ideas? It appears I’ve installed WordPress 2.1 correctly. I’m not a complete novice at this, but I simply cannot discover these new additions to WordPress 2.1. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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  • When you went to Users -> Your Profile, did you make sure that “Use the visual editor when writing” was checked?

    Thanks for the reply! Okay, I did not have “use visual editor when writing” checked. That’s because there was a problem with Safari and the visual editor. So I checked it and there still is no tabbed editor nor spell checker in the Safari browser, but there IS a tabbed editor in Firefox. As well as a spell checker. So it appears I’m back to the same problem I’ve been at before, which is namely the annoyance of having to use FireFox to post to my blog. It’s too bad because only recently, quicklink buttons were made functional in WordPress with version 2.0.6, I believe. Now, they’re back to being non-functional again to some degree. 🙂 Such is life! Also, if I use visual editor turned on, then ImageManager, which i use to upload and resize photo posts to my blog, no longer works. Go figure! At any rate, thank you again for the heads-up on ticking off the visual editor. That certainly did the trick. But it looks like Safari will have to sit on the sidelines once again for us Mac people who use WordPress. Too bad. Hopefully, a fix can be found.

    I’m finding the spell checker does not catch misspellings in Firefox 2.0 for Windows. For example: “Teh quick, red foxx jumped over the laazy brown dog.” produces no misspellings.

    You are correct, it does not work with Safari. That is something that some of the team really wants to get working soon. Contribute what is most important to you at . This item is

    JackWolfgang: better to start a new post.

    I use Firefox and my Mac G5 with the latest software and can’t get the tabbed editor to work either. It works on a friend’s server, but not with my K2 theme or on my server. Could it be my theme that is the problem? I can’t change that at this late date, and there is no upgrade to it yet. I can’t edit anything as I used to. I can’t do links, images, nothing. I don’t even see the little icons, just words when in rich edit mode. And then I don’t even see rich edit mode, I just see the tabs with words on them.

    I can’t see the tabs either — I’m using both IE and FF, and am hosted on a GoDaddy server. I’ve tried to check and uncheck the “use the visual editor” box but still can’t get it to work. I don’t see tabs, nor does my spelling get checked.

    I’m using firefox and I can see the two tabs at the top of the write box, but clicking on either one of them doesn’t change the look of the text.
    And there doesn’t seem to be any way to check the spelling.

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