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  • Hey!

    Just tried to use the ‘Automatically replace tabs in your code with spaces’ function, but on the front-end, I get the following output:

    <ul class="feature-boxes">
    1<li id="evenings-out" class="feature-box">
    11<div class="feature-title">
    111<h2>Evenings Out</h2>
    11<img src="/img/screen_assets/pleasure/evenings_out.jpg">

    When I change the numerical value, I get the corresponding number appear in the output (so 1 becomes 2 or 3)…

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author Jorge Silva-Jetter


    hahahaha, wow that’s a hilarious bug!

    It works if you just use tabs, right?

    What’s your configuration for the plugin? Can you try adding different types of code to see if they all break? I just tried this in a couple of my WP installations and can’t replicate it.

    Yeah tabs are fine! settings are as follows:

    • Theme is set as Monakai Sublime, although I’ve de-registered all plugin CSS files, and copied what I needed to my theme’s CSS file.
    • I’m using ‘web fonts (no external fonts)’
    • Have un-ticked ‘Include additional CSS styles developed for this plugin.’
    • Tab replacement is currently off

    I’ve tried checking ‘tab replacement’ numerous times, and have entered many different numbers, all producing the same result. I’ve used CSS, PHP, and Perl, and again, each produce the same result.

    I’ve also used the plugin on two sites – one local and one live. The local one I disabled all other plugins, and switched the theme to Twenty Thirteen, as opposed to my custom-built one, but to no avail!

    Plugin Author Jorge Silva-Jetter


    Wait, now I’m a little confused: If you have tab replacement as in “off” or “on”, you still get this error? It doesn’t make a difference.

    No matter what you do, you still get this error always? Is that correct?

    When you say you have used CSS, PHP, and Perl. you mean you have used code snippets in these languages and the have all just shown numbers. correct?

    BTW, what’s your server setup? OS, etc? What operating system are you using in your computer?

    I would love for you to help me fix this bug! Thanks!

    same problem here when I enable “Automatically replace tabs in your code with spaces.”

    here’s my settings

    My environment
    OS: Linux Mint
    WP: 3.9.1

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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