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    For some reason when I tried to use the tab feature I get the following error

    Application Temporarily Unavailable
    Parse errors:
    CSS Error (line 63 char 13): Unrecognized at-rule or error parsing at-rule.
    FBML Error (line 86): illegal tag "body" under "fb:tab-position"
    FBML Error (line 93): illegal tag "object" under "fb:tab-position"
    FBML Error (line 94): illegal tag "param" under "fb:tab-position"
    FBML Error (line 95): illegal tag "param" under "fb:tab-position"
    FBML Error (line 97): illegal tag "object" under "fb:tab-position"
    FBML Error (line 98): illegal tag "param" under "fb:tab-position"
    FBML Error (line 111): illegal tag "noscript" under "fb:tab-position"
    Runtime errors:
    HTML error while rendering tag "link": There is a hard limit of 2 css link tags on profile tabs in order to remain under the IE 31 tag limit.
    Cannot allow external script

    [Duplicate errors moderated. Please do not post huge error reports here – use a pastebin.]
    I haven’t looked at the code yet but I’m assuming i probally need to remove one CSS file from my header. Any other ideas would be welcome.

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  • I also faced this problem when I use FBML render method in FB canvas but when change to Iframe the Application works. I thinh this is something from the plugin code anh the author shold fix it.



    I am one of the plugin authors and it’s not something we CAN fix due to the way WPBook and Facebook interact. If we used FBML we wouldn’t be able to use code from WordPress without changing the format back and forth and it would just be a mess.

    I have my application set to iFrame and that’s working fine. It’s the new tab feature in 2.x that is giving me problems.

    Did you set your tab url in the Facebook Settings for your application?

    You need to add:

    To that setting, which tells WPBook that it is outputting a tab, and will output only allowed FBML

    I try your way but have this

    Application Temporarily Unavailable
    Parse errors:
    FBML Error (line 84): illegal tag “body” under “fb:canvas”FBML Error (line 245): illegal tag “object” under “fb:canvas”FBML Error (line 245): illegal tag “param” under “fb:canvas”FBML Error (line 245): illegal tag “param” under “fb:canvas”FBML Error (line 245): illegal tag “param” under “fb:canvas”FBML Error (line 245): illegal tag “embed” under “fb:canvas”Sorry, the application you were using is experiencing a problem. Please try again later.

    1. What’s the URL of your Facebook application?
    2. What’s the URL of your WordPress blog outside Facebook?
    3. Can you attach or point to a screenshot of your Facebook Application settings, Profiles section, Profiles Tab – where the Tab URL and Tab Name are?

    The plugin works fine on many blogs – the issue is somewhere in your settings, which is not properly passing the information to the plugin which tells it to display in FBML mode for a tab, rather than in full html mode.



    Thanks John, adding ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml did the trick. I knew it was something simple. Is this documented somewhere and I missed it?

    Just realized that the install instructions I created aren’t the ones linked to in the admin.

    Check out

    Or open install_instructions.html in the plugin’s directory after downloading.

    Also fixed in trunk, to be part of next release



    This is getting a little off topic now but would you mind if i reworked the install instructions a little bit?

    There is a misunderstanding here. After reading your instruction carefully I realise that I have to add ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml in Tab ULR but still cho iframe in App setting. The problem now solved.

    I love this plugin! Thank you 🙂

    I am having trouble with the Tab –> the ‘add to your page’ function doesn’t work.

    I don’t have the ‘add profile tab’ button on my canvas page ( as you mentioned.

    I do have the ‘Enable Facebook users to add your app to their profile’ toggled on in the wpbook setup


    I have ‘users’ toggled in the profile tabs area in the application settings.

    I have this in the tab url: ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml

    It is possible to add the tab in a very long process –> go to application (ok the app), then go to acct, applications, edit setting, add tab.

    I have so many people complaining.

    Thank you for your help.

    @mommyknows – I can see the addProfileButton div is there, but it seems like the Facebook javascript which is supposed to fill it in isn’t firing, or is firing but not succeeding.

    Also, I wonder if it isn’t finding “room” for that div because your blog title is so long? Can you try reducing the length of it just to try and see if that makes a difference?

    FWIW, users can also just use the “+” button on their profile page – a dropdown shows where they can enter the name of recently used apps.

    (Provided they’ve used the app – visited the canvas page – at least once recently).

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