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  • I’ve been working on this for 4 months with no headway yet.

    User comes in to site and can browse by either graphic design OR style of shirt.
    If they start by browsing graphic design, then I want to forward them to “style” after they choose a design and vice versa for browsing by style first. The checkout page should include a design and a shirt style together.

    Choose a design > Choose a shirt style > checkout!
    Choose a shirt style > Choose a design > checkout!

    Why is this so darned difficult?

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  • It seems to me that it makes more sense to choose the style and then the design – i.e. a single product per style, and then variations on each for the design.

    I suppose you could do vice versa.

    There’s the chained products extension also that might work.

    You could just have a variation using 2 attributes, but you wouldn’t be able to display a different image for each combination that way.

    Thanks for that insight. Let me throw in a few more details then. Each shirt has multiple sizes and colors to choose from as well as the graphic design can have up to 13 different colors to choose from. How can you make all of these variables for each shirt/design? Is there a plugin that would work that I’m not aware of?

    you can have multiple attributes for variations, and each variation can have a different thumbnail (the displayed thumb will change for different variations).

    I set up a sandbox site using the default dummy data provided by WC here

    You wouldn’t need to really display a different image for different sizes, but you might want to display a different one for color/design. You could even do size/color/design/style, but that could get a bit confusion.

    each combination can have its own variation.

    no need for an extra plugin here.

    Hmm…would I create a separate single attribute for each of the 20 graphic designs? I use Variations Swatches plugin. I could then give each of the Graphic Design the multiple color options either by hex value or thumb. On the “Shirt Style” page, they would see a drop down with a list of each design but how would they choose the design color?

    If it were me, I’d make each design a different product. Like the example above, though, you can have multiple select boxes. Too many options on a single product can be overwhelming for a potential buyer.

    Currently I have each shirt as an individual product and each design as an individual product. The issue is: if I allow the user to pick either a design or a shirt first, they have to add that item to the cart. I still need them to choose the other product, whether it be design or shirt . . .

    Not to mention…each graphic design has two different prices, based on size (adult are 15.00 and kids are 10.00) because the image will be a little bigger and use a little more ink for the adult shirts.

    maybe some logic that is the shirt is in the “adult” main category, the graphic design will know ahead of time and automatically choose the “adult” price when chosen?

    don’t make the design separate from the shirt. Either make the design a selectable attribute, or make a separate shirt item for each design.

    If you have some need to keep them separate, you could use the Chained Products extension

    But I’m not aware of how to make the graphic design a selectable attribute while displaying the fact that each graphic design can be 13 different colors too.

    Assuming all graphic designs have the same set of available colors, you’d have the following for variation attributes:
    shirt size
    shirt color
    design color

    So I would make the shirts the actual product and use the above attributes for each graphic design then? I se when using attributes/variations on the product page you only can see a thumbnail of the attribute, in this case the graphic design. Is this correct?

    you can set a separate thumb for every combination of selectable attributes, and the visible thumbnail will switch according to the selection. The featured image on the main product would be the default thumb when no attributes are selected.

    I will look into this – I wasn’t aware that it had this functionality out-of-the-box.

    Please tell about a dress designer plug-in for wp woocommerce.

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