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  • I run a couple of local wp sites for testing. i have an iMac running a duplicate copy of my public site and a MacBook which starts as my 2.04 public site but I upgraded to 2.1 beta. All I do is change the IP address in all instances of the database. I’ve been doing this for months with no problem.

    Today I decided to rebuild my MacBook site and go back to a duplicate of 2.04. Everything is copied across correctly – the IP is changed and it all works. Except for when I activate 3 of the 15 off plugins that I use. Then it instantly dies. These are exact copies of what I use everywhere else.

    For example – if I try and activate Owens ‘Comment quicktags’ in stead of the header ‘plugin=activated’ it dies with a header of ‘plugin=comment_quicktags.php&_wpnonce=570b56f7d8’.

    I can’t find what might be wrong with this. Does anyone have any ideas before I lose all my hair?

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  • I wish I could help you, but as you know, only moral support from me 🙂 Good luck, I hope you get it figured out!

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