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    Good day all,

    this question has been asked before but there didn’t seem to be a concrete solution. Also, the topic is marked as resolved, hence I am starting a new one.

    Today, I defined a new image size in my This new size is correctly shown in the list of available image sizes of the plugin’s start page.

    However, regenerating the images throws an error for each and every attachment:
    Überspringe Anhang mit ID 188: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
    (…) and so on

    I have no clue, where to start looking. I have disabled various plugins involving caching and page speed optimisation but I cannot find the culprit.

    How do I find the cause for this issue?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Issue resolved. After systematically deactivating and activating plugin by plugin (and not only the ones that seemed likely to be responsible), I found out that the culprit was the Plugin “”.

    Now the regeneration is running as expected.

    Thank you for your attention. 😀

    Plugin Contributor Alex Mills


    Errors like this should be more gracefully handled in the next release (3.1.0).

    Alex, errr, but what should we do about it?

    Are there plugins compatible? Does the plugin actually regenerate images and falsely signal about an error? Do I need to disable resmush first, regenerate thumbnails, and then enable resmush back?

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