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  1. Captain Bogwash
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Using WP-1.5 and RunPHP plugin.
    I'm looking for the syntax to include a previously written page within another page. This is a documentation project, so I'm trying to include let's say "notes" in the "Big-Project-Page".

    I've tried the normal php include syntax, (variously) referencing the page slug, the page_ID, the absolute URL, none seem to work.

    Whereas, creating an includes directory and referencing externally created content from there in the include statement works perfectly.

    Working example(s):
    <?php include ("includes/some-stuff.inc"); ?>
    <?php include ("includes/some-other-stuff.php"); ?>

    Non-Working example(s):
    <?php include ("index.php?page_id=42"); ?>
    and any other combo of the above

  2. Ming
    Posted 10 years ago #

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