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    Apologies if this is stated somewhere but I have looked through the FAQs and notes but not found it.

    I have a custom taxonomy called ‘sections’ and want to pull back id=10 from within it (apologies for lack of correct term)

    I have tried a number of combinations of:

    [catlist taxonomy=”sections” id=10]

    but can’t get it to work. Am I using the correct syntax?

    Any help really appreciated as this is a stumbling block for me.


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  • In case anyone else is looking for this I found after experimenting further that the following syntax works:

    [catlist taxonomy=sections tags=a post_type=dictionary]

    where in my case ‘a’ = the slug


    Sorry – are you able to help me? What is the difference between the taxonomy and tag?

    [catlist post_type=writing-advice tags=already-published taxonomy=already-published]

    Post type is the custom one I created (writing-advice)
    Taxonomy (category) is already-published – which is the same as the slug?

    Thanks heaps of you can help!

    Sorry I have now answered my own question!

    [catlist post_type=writing-advice taxonomy=categories tags=already-published]

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