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  • Oh dear, I really hope that you can help me out of this muddle…I am a relative novice and have spent weeks, designing my blog and learning about.css, html etc. My problem is this..
    I made a change to my functions.php file today, in line with advice on a Woo forum and made a change as per this link All was fine, but I fiddled a bit more with the title text, which is what I was wanting to amend and caused a syntax error, which then locked me out of the dashboard.
    next step was to speak to host site, who got me back onto the dashboard, but there is no theme showing up.ERROR: The themes directory is either empty or doesn’t exist. Please check your installation. have I lost all of my customisation now? what do i do please? help

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  • It sounds like your Host deleted the theme to solve the login problem.
    I’ve seen your problem here before. People creating a child theme or work on their theme “function.php” to customize their theme.

    There are several “best practices” that should be followed

    – create child themes when customizing any theme, especially when modifying function.php
    – backup everything regularly during your customization period. At least if something goes off the rails, you only have to begin again at the last point everything was working
    – Should log-in failure happen because of a faulty “function.php” file, Use a good FTP program. Rename your theme directory or rename the function.php file (don’t delete – unless you’ve downloaded copies to your hard drive)
    – Fix your coding problem and rename everything back to original.

    Now – back to your specific problem. Unless you have a back up, your only option is to go back to your Host company and ask if they have a back-up of your site still avail before your problem happened. Otherwise I’m afraid you’ve lost all your customizing work. Check with them ASAP, because most Host companies roll over their back ups on a regular schedule.

    Good Luck
    Been there, done that – Now Playing it Back

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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