• My site had crashed totally and most likely this plugin was the cause. The admin-page.php file had a syntax error on line 18, an extra comma when there should be none. When I fixed this, my website was back up.

    Yeah, I was running an older version of PHP, thanks for pointing that out. Sorry for the bad review, I fixed my rating 🙂

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  • Dear @carlospwk ,
    I use this plugin from the start and update it regularly and I haven’t faced any issues since the last update.

    Please note that the plugin is using WordPress coding standards (WPCS) and it is recommended to add an extra comma after the last array item. This is described in this section https://developer.wordpress.org/coding-standards/wordpress-coding-standards/php/#indentation

    Note the comma after the last array item: this is recommended because it makes it easier to change the order of the array, and makes for cleaner diffs when new items are added.
    $my_array = array(
    [tab]'foo'   => 'somevalue',
    [tab]'foo2'  => 'somevalue2',
    [tab]'foo3'  => 'somevalue3',
    [tab]'foo34' => 'somevalue3',

    Most probably your PHP version is lower than 7.3.33 and that’s the reason for the Fatal Error.

    Thanks, @carlospwk!

    We highly appreciate your understanding and prompt action. Thank you for editing your rating!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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