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  1. Alex1989
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I searched over the net and I didn't find a good syndication plugin.

    By syndication plugin, I mean to give a external URL for other websites that they will can take my feeds by categories & customize it and more.

    There is such a plugin/ideas?

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Rev. Voodoo
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Are your RSS feeds not robust enough for your needs?

    Your site generates RSS for overall content, tags, categories, etc. Each has it's own URL.

  3. Alex1989
    Posted 2 years ago #

    RSS isn't good for me - I want to give a external links of videos embed. Like a youtube embed src.

    My site has many videos with diffrent tags..

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