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  • Version I have installed is: 2013.0504

    I have recently been having issues with the syndicated posts adding information from the original Drupal site. This includes categories, tags, hashtags and blog ratings which all link back to the original site and have nothing to do with my own sites functionality.

    Even if I go to the post and manually delete these items removing all html code unnecessary, it still displays this data on some but not all pages.

    This does not happen on feeds from other sites and did not happen with feeds from drupal sites previously and does not happen with other sites.

    An example of this can be found here >>

    I have recently changed the template although cannot be sure if there is a compatibility issue with it or not.

    Any thoughts and feedback would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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  • With data you mean unwanted HTML-codes? Feedwordpress syndicates whatever feed is given to it. This means if you feed includes all sorts of code then yes this will enter your blog.

    Also FWP has a protection against manual editing syndicated posts to prevent posts from being resyndicated after modification. You can turn this off in the edit post screen although not the best solution.

    In case you want to filter HTML you can you use Feedwordpress Advanced Filters or make the feed clean in the first place.

    Thanks Bas.

    The data being imported seem to be related to extra information about the post on the Drupal site which is added to the footer of the blog.

    I have cleaned all html out of html out of the posts, ticked the box to prevent the post resyndicating and it is still appearing. It still generates a whole load of links which takes people back to the original site.

    I have also tried clearing the cache both on my computer and on the site and it still appears. The html code I removed does is not visible in the editor in the admin panel.

    I have just tried the Advanced Filters – set it to remove links and html. That was great in that it worked reasonably well although not perfectly. It removed the content posted at the bottom of the blog (provided I deleted the words) but then when I hit publish I see this in the text above the article which normally just includes links to the different categories.

    “ARTICLES & BLOGS / ARTICLES BY GEORGINA LESTER / COMMUNITY / NICHE MARKETING, PR AND SALES / SOCIAL strictlytweetbot_posted_tweet: 1 syndication_source: Georgina Lester’s blog syndication_source_uri: syndication_source_id: rss:comments: syndication_feed: syndication_feed_id: 18 syndication_permalink: syndication_item_hash: f9551d8232c3b7e4a76d9068d02f7cd5″

    This is also referring back to the original website.

    I’m very confused.

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this. Could there be an incompatibility with either the template or the editor? Should I set the settings in a particular way?

    The post can be found here >>

    I am getting other errors with this plug in now. So I am wondering whether anyone has any suggestions about how to resolve this. I have been trying to syndicate content from this site to another site and that is not working as I expect it to.

    For some reason I can’t get it to post full posts and refer links to the local site and not the original source.

    And then …..

    For some bizarre reason it is also zapping the editor in the admin area so I can only see html text versions of the posts.

    Any suggestions please are very welcomed as I am now thinking that I am going to have to find an alternative plug in for this.

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