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  1. norwat
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have a fairly specific need, and I have not found a solution yet in a plug-in or script. I want to place my Google shared items (which has an Atom Feed) on a static WordPress page or post titled: "Recent News" (but not syndicate these items). I want to show the most recent ten or fifteen items, with a "more ..." button below to scroll through entire selection.

    WP-o-Matic and WordFeedPress don't meet my needs ... because they re-syndicate the items in individual posts. I want them to appear as they do in the Atom Feed (but on a single static page of 10 items, with a link to the "next 10"). I also want to customize CSS to my own blog. Other plug-ins and java script don't do job ... since they have limited display, caching options, or only display posts in sidebar. "DGE-InLineRSS" comes the closest, but there is almost no documentation for this plug-in, and I can't seem to write XSLT style instructions to get it to work properly (or code options and XSLT parameters). If there was "any" documentation for this program, I could probably get it to work ... but alas, usability was not their goal.

    Any suggestions?

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